Our solutions include a wide array of fields and can be implemented to different areas and offer complete solution to your custom needs. From the base solutions we already master and have experience to your custom need where we develop unique solutions for your business model of the future.


Our dynamic content managment system offers to cover all your input needs and full administration for all your websites, web stores and applications. Complete control over your communication with a few clicks, everywhere and at every moment..


Our basic CRM functionalities give you all the needs for communication with your customers. Fully integrated with your web and IT solutions, you have the control of communication via e-mailing system, digital signage and ad systems, through powerful notification system and advanced automated functions.


Our solutions control your work processes and can be implemented with your physical resources and machines. Now you have the remote control and overview over your machines, workers and can plan the optimal routes of working for the optimal results.

E-mail marketing

The core of our product includes strong mailing notification system which is connected to all of your functionalities and can automatically notify your customers, based on the current state. The system is GDPR compliant.

Cross platform

No matter what your needs are, our solutions travel from platform to platform, working on all servers, from all your existing platforms and can be connected to any outer systems or physical machines you already use.


Websites, client intefaces, e-commerce platforms and IT solutions run on all modern browsers via SSL protected channels.


Mobile apps for base system or customer apps connect all of your platforms and IT solutions together from sales functionalities for the customer, to workflow operations for the worker.