Every business is custom and can not be put into one box. We have experience and ready made solutions in many fields and always expanding to new areas either through new projects or customizing and expanding current solutions.

Club & Membership

Whether running a small club or running a big organization, membership management and profiling with automated communication will help you stay on top of every member.


From basic invoicing, offers, orders to more complex analysis our finance solutions are implemented in every process from e-commerce to POS and accounting features.


Our logistic solutions help move thousands of packages per day featuring ful web orders, package tracking, accounting and warehouse support.


Stock and inventory solutions integrated with POS, reservations and member managment offer complete solutions for all sizes of companies from bars, restaurants, to stores and hotels.


Offering modern health facilities strong notification and internal/external signage and ad systems as well as patient queuing systems and web orders in order to proccess the largest possible number daily patients.

Construction & Engineering

From stock to custom offer and ordering solutions help complex and virtually custom work automated. Field integration help terrain measurments come to the hq without paperwork and directly into the workflow.