About us


Headquarters of our company is in Brežice, a town on the confluence of two rivers Sava and Krka, in the midst of the green nature of Posavje, along the important transport highway A1, between two capitals Zagreb and Ljubljana, at the crossing of north and south and east and west Europe, where we take the best from all worlds.

Domdesign’s core philosophy is based on developing own products as well as providing commercial solutions, where one approach helps to better the other. On one side we’re developing technology primarily resulting in our system DominoCMS and on the other we are client oriented company offering digital services with real results and feedback. Modus (lat. ) resulted naturally as a result of these two approaches. The technology which represents solid foundations and the running motor for limitless capabilities gives us the oportunity to develop seamless functionality and put it to work bringing real-world results. Modus is striving for perfection, constantly improving from user experience, to performance and results. Dynamic, scalable and unaffected by time and progress, we are on the forefront of progress and with us you, our partners in growth and success.