The Modus core technology represents the foundations of the whole operation, ensuring stellar performance and reliability. Our solutions are modern web and API based, working on all modern browsers and platforms. No matter what size or data range, speed of the system and your work is not compromised.


Depends on the client needs or security protocols, Modus can be cloud hosted or hosted on your in-house servers. It can run on wide range of servers, although Linux Nginx is preferred due to the performance.

Extent of services

Our philosophy is to offer holistic solutions in the digital sphere in one place, therefore our services reach far beyond the IT world. We are the masters of the digital domain and every connected area adds to the other. Our design, identity, marketing and branding solutions help to develop your brands and add extra stability and push to your success.

The competition

Today there is no area without competition. In the world where everything is already made, our starting point is not to discover hot water, but to improve the existing solutions which hold the market, but are in most cases bad or too expensive. We cannot build the first car, only a better car. This is a better car.

What differs Modus from others

Latest technologies

Web/api based


Close knit support



Partners for the future

Our growth is only limited by ensuring constant and top quality as we are keeping all our operation and client interaction close. The relationship with our clients overreach the classic idea as we are growing together with you and looking to help you in every area possible. With us it’s a personal affair.

Our focus is wide and narrow

We are developing wide array of solutions in different fields which give us the needed broadness, perspective and cross experiences, but we also focus in specific fields, ensuring us dominance and technological advantage.